Celebrating Love with Cake

By: Jen Angel

Jun 12 2011

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Sometimes, you know, people just can’t make up their minds about what flavor they want. Which I don’t really mind, but then when I am choosing a photo for the blog I have to try and pick not just the best photo, but also which of the five things I baked I want to feature. I know, it’s a hard life. And even though it is truly all about how things taste, how they look is a very close second.

Sophie and Carwil, who had a commitment ceremony, are totally an example of this. We ended up with a small gluten-free Mexican chocolate (with chili and cinnamon) cake for their ceremonial cut at the reception, plus hazelnut cupcakes with chocolate frosting, vegan Mexican chocolate cupcakes, and vegan coconut cupcakes.

I chose to design the cake, pictured above, with a little bit of a minimalist style – a thick layer of chocolate frosting in the middle and on top, not completely covered with icing. The design follows the same pattern as the chocolate cupcakes, too, of which, surprisingly, there are no photos. I’m very happy with how it turned out, and you can see an alternate view from the side here.

And I know I say this all the time, but hazelnut and chocolate cupcakes could possibly be my new favorite flavor – thanks to Sophie for the inspiration. A vanilla-based cupcake with ground hazelnuts plus an ultra-creamy chocolate frosting really give a Nutella-esque flavor. Maybe I just need to have a favorite flavor of the month or something, which is only right because I probably eat way more cupcakes than most people.

Otherwise, things are humming along with the Angel Cakes expansion – new postcards and print materials are almost done, new website is in the works, the Cupcake of the Month Club has a bunch of subscribers, and I’m experimenting with new flavors all the time. Look for loads more updates soon!

* * *

Also, I love baking for weddings. If you’re getting married and want to consider cupcakes, check out this page for advice on when and how many to order.

More photos on Flickr or in the Archive. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for specials & upcoming events (and sometimes free cupcakes)!


One comment on “Celebrating Love with Cake”

  1. So delicious, and totally fun to stuff into each other’s mouths. Thanks, Jen!!

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