Gluten-free Chocolate Cupcakes

By: Jen Angel

May 31 2011

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Category: Cupcakes, Gluten Free, Vegan

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So, as I expand Angel Cakes, I’m getting a lot of pressure to include gluten-free cupcakes in my menu. This weekend was all about making great strides in that direction: I tested three chocolate cupcake recipes, all vegan and gluten free. Option 1 – total failure. But the next two turned out decent, and though I’m still waiting for some feedback from tasters, looks like the brown rice flour/garbanzo bean flour combo is a winner. Which will lead me to move on to tasting vanilla gluten-free cupcakes sometime soon!

These are featured with three different toppings – a chocolate buttercream and a vanilla buttercream (both of which are available in vegan and with dairy), and a German chocolate cake topping – definitely not vegan, though I’m sure I could come up with a reasonable facsimile if I really wanted to. The traditional recipe includes butter, evaporated milk, egg whites, sugar, pecans, and coconut.

I’ve uploaded a bunch of new photos on Flickr, including one of some cupcakes for a wedding tasting later – strawberry and lemon buttermilk. YUM. My friend Lisa has declared the fresh strawberry flavor to be her all-time favorite.

* * *

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