Trio of Red Cupcakes

By: Jen Angel

May 20 2011

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Category: Cupcakes, Weddings

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Some things are just *so* pleasing and you can’t really figure out why. Take this trio of red cupcakes for example – strawberry, red velvet, salted chocolate – all together in one little box. Why is this half dozen box just the most pleasing thing ever? Maybe it’s just me.

These are for a wedding tasting tonight for a July wedding. Have a I mentioned how much I love making cupcakes for weddings? It’s so fun for me, and I love being able to contribute to two people celebrating that they love each other. You can see another shot of the salted chocolate ones here.

I just bought Helen Dujardin‘s book, Plate to Pixel, so maybe you’ll see an improvement in my cupcake photography over the next couple of months. Of course I have to find the time to read it, and I’m kinda of afraid that it will tell me that my dinky Kodak Easyshare camera isn’t good enough… but, we’ll see.

And tons of big announcements on the way! Next week I’ll be unveiling the new Angel Cakes logo, designed by the amazing John Yates. I swear, all my friends are tired of looking at cupcake icons!

Off to deliver these beauties…!

* * *

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