Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes with Cinnamon and Chili

By: Jen Angel

Apr 28 2011

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Category: Cupcakes, Vegan

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I love these simple cupcakes. A chocolate cupcake with cinnamon and chili, which offers an unexpected spicy flavor.They are easy to make – take your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe and add one teaspoon cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon chili powder for each dozen cupcakes.  These happen to be vegan, and topped with powdered sugar to not overwhelm the spices. There’s an alternate photo here. I’ll be delivering these to Hesperian later this afternoon.

You know, I couldn’t’t even remember the last time I made spicy chocolate cupcakes. When I looked it up on Flickr , I realized it was last August when I made 150 for my friend’s work! You can see them here. Maybe I need to start keeping a log or something, but the photos are really a great way to keep track of what different flavors I’ve made.

There are tons of things going on locally, and all the food events are one of the best aspects of living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I recently discovered Omnivore Books in San Francisco, and they have tons of great readings showcasing the latest cookbooks – which is probably a bad idea if you have too many, like me. Though I have to say, that on the east side of the Bay (where I live), I really appreciate Moe’s Books used cookbook section. Dangerous.

Finally, the rumored “cupcake of the month” plan is in the works – it’s looking like there will be a July debut – I’ll definitely keep you posted.

* * *

More photos on Flickr or in the Archive. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for special offers & upcoming events!

PS – I’m looking for a new commercial kitchen to rent that’s closer to where I live – somewhere in Berkeley, Oakland North or Downtown, or Emeryville. Would love to share with another catering business, or work in a restaurant/cafe during the off hours. Got any ideas? Email me!


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