A Quick Update

By: Jen Angel

Dec 09 2010

Category: Cupcakes, Holiday, News

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Just a quick personal update to let you know that I have not disappeared! I took the last five weeks off of baking to do some work travel around the U.S. and then to take my first trip to Europe! I visited with friends in Italy, Denmark and quite unexpectedly, Canada. This even involved a (quite successful) attempt at an American Thanksgiving dinner in Rome. We started out the day by searching the outdoor market at Campo Di Fiori for an actual pumpkin for the pie – and then taking the pumpkin around with us as we visited the nearby sites, like the famous Trevi fountain.

The photo above was taken by my dear from Thomas after making cupcakes in his kitchen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Let’s just say, that the conversion to metric measurements (and temperatures) and not having my usual kitchen tools was, well, part of the fun, in which we discovered that mixing sugar and butter with your hands when you don’t have a mixer is FAR superior to using a wooden spoon (thanks Thomas!). We ended up with devil’s food cake and cream cheese frosting – delicious.

Next up on the agenda is quite a bit of holiday baking, as there are birthdays and holiday parties seemingly every night in the next few weeks. I’m thinking of making a S’mores cupcake, definitely muffins or scones with cranberries, and these long holiday weekends are the perfect time to try new techniques – I’ve always wanted to try working with spun sugar, maybe as a cupcake or cake topper. Maybe now’s the time to try? I promise – more photos soon.


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