Halloween Cupcakes

By: Jen Angel

Oct 29 2010

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Happy Halloween everyone! I really love Halloween and am happy to have the opportunity to make themed cupcakes. These are basic chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and vanilla fondant skull-black cat-bat decorations. I know I’ve said a million times that I don’t like the way fondant tastes, but if it’s just a small decoration on an otherwise tasty cupcake, I guess I can be convinced! I also think that the techniques used to make fondant look good are so different from what is required for buttercream – it’s more like working with clay and being three dimensional. These are for the staff party today at Hesperian. You can read a little about what I do with them here.

Anyway, I LOVE FALL. I have a pumpkin I’m going to carve tonight! And  I am looking forward to more apple pies, pumpkin bread, and all the fun savory things that can be made from root vegetables. I spent 30 years of my life living in Ohio and I’m used to having a really limited selection of fresh things in the fall and winter – California has been a delightful departure from that.

Aside from the cupcakes I am making tomorrow for a wedding, I’ll be taking a bit of a haitus in November to do some traveling for work & play. Rest assured I’ll pick up with great enthusiasm in December – I always miss cooking & baking when I’m on the road.

And finally – can we talk about how much I hate big chain stores? I went to Michael’s last night to get some Halloween-cupcake making supplies, and they had totally replaced all the Halloween stuff with CHRISTMAS stuff!! I mean, Halloween is still a few days away!! Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but SERIOUSLY?

As always, you can see more by visiting Flickr or viewing the ARCHIVE


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