All Chocolate (Cupcakes), All The Time

By: Jen Angel

Oct 23 2010

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Category: Birthdays, Cupcakes

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It seriously feels as if I am making only chocolate – chocolate cupcakes these days. You know, chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, chocolate garnish… Certainly yummy for the chocolate lover. This morning were three batches for two birthdays & a “cheer up my friend who broke up with her boyfriend” gift – what a great idea. I mean, cupcakes as consolation? Yum! Oh, and I made a few extra for a going away party tomorrow, too. There’s an alternate photo here.

I’m gearing up for a wedding next weekend, but this week has all about the apple – there was an apple pie for Sunday dinner and last night a huge apple crisp – just because. And unlike cupcakes, apple crisp is totally OK to eat for breakfast. Finally, here’s a link to my favorite apple pie photo from last year. I’m also really looking forward to Halloween next weekend and hope to be able to make some cute designs.


One comment on “All Chocolate (Cupcakes), All The Time”

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