Special Deliveries

By: Jen Angel

Aug 06 2010

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Category: Birthdays, Cupcakes


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Seriously, one of my favorite things is when someone calls and asks me to deliver a dozen cupcakes to their friend/boyfriend/wife/sister/mom for his or her birthday. Like, how could that not be the best thing ever? When I talk to my friends about why I make so many cupcakes, it’s really very simple: the vast majority of the time, when you give someone a cupcake, they are happy. There aren’t that many things in life you can say that about, except maybe flowers. Like for most people, at your job, when you give someone a report or make a presentation – it’s just not quite the same.

Anyway, these are lemon buttermilk, for Kristin from Constance. I love making a dozen of one flavor and decorating them several ways, with three or four different but similar designs. It lets me be creative and I like the way it looks. Of course there is something to be said for seeing a mass of one color or one design.

This summer has been SUPER busy with cupcakes. Make sure to check out my Flickr page or the Archive, there are lots of things that just aren’t making it on to the blog, like a cake for a 2 year old boy that had ants and spiders on it or baby shower cupcakes from Miri for her sister – chocolate mint, and lavender vanilla. And then there are the things that aren’t even making it onto the Internet – raspberry chocolate cupcakes from Dianna for Justin, strawberry shortcake (twice), and I’m sure other things I’m forgetting.

Coming up: wedding cupcakes, a birthday cake, and more birthday cupcakes – photos soon!


5 comments on “Special Deliveries”

  1. If only I lived in the Bay area. I’d want to order something from you every time I got paid. 🙂 Oh sweet Angel Cakes.

  2. […] colorful lemon buttermilk cupcakes were made by Angel Cakes in a custom order. via […]

  3. […] buttercream are probably my most requested flavor right now. Sometimes it feels like it’s lemon buttermilk, and last year it was definitely chocolate mint. These were, as always, my favorite type of order […]

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