Peaches & Why I Love Stone Fruits

By: Jen Angel

Jul 19 2010

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Well, first off, I have been baking up a storm! While I don’t have a lot of good photos to post right now, I did just make 500 mini cupcakes for the Da Silva family for a celebration this past Saturday.  For a Mexican-themed party,  Mexican chocolate (with chili and cinnamon) and lime, with yellow, red, and teal frosting. You can see some of the cupcakes here. I mean, the thing about making cupcakes and dropping them off is that I hardly ever get to see them in their fancy displays, but I know that people will enjoy them.  Lots more cupcakes for wedding and baby showers coming up in the next few weeks.

But, let’s talk about stone fruits. As you know I love to cook with seasonal ingredients, and the last few weeks have been *crazy* with stone fruits. First there was an all stone fruit-themed dinner with fish with peach chutney, peach salsa & chips, dal with dried plums, and mini peach pies. Then, last week was a Moroccan-themed dinner with Moroccan-spiced chicken with chick peas and apricots, and the *amazing* dessert shown above.

The dessert was so good, I made it again last night. I pulled the recipe from a magazine, and honestly I don’t remember which one.* It was so easy and so good. It’s like a fresh summer version of Baked Alaska, where the the ice cream is baked inside of meringue – yes there is ice cream in there between the peach and the meringue! Serena posted a recipe here, which is very similar to the one I used – I omitted the cream of tartar, and was too lazy to freeze the cookie sheet ahead of time. I also bake on parchment paper to make clean up easier. And despite all of her warnings, I’ve found making meringue to be pretty simple and the few times I’ve made it I haven’t had any problems – so don’t be scared off of making this perfect summer dessert.

Of course, more photos on Flickr or in the Archive.

*P.S. On magazines. Love them! The best way to support magazines is to subscribe to them. I get tons and hope you do too. Some of the ones I subscribe to are Cooks Illustrated, Real Simple, Food & Wine, OrionThe Sun, 7×7, Yes! and Utne.


4 comments on “Peaches & Why I Love Stone Fruits”

  1. And, I’d love to know if people thought that this dessert could be made with other fruits!

  2. These were so delicious! (Both times!) I want to try them with nectarines sometime soon, since I’ve had so many great ones lately.
    I would also love to try them with strawberries, as well but I’m not sure how they would hold up.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! Great blog! 🙂

  4. Thanks Serena – And Christy, i would wonder if nectarines would hold their shape… only one way to find out, right?

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