Lemon Vanilla Karaoke

By: Jen Angel

May 08 2010

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Category: Birthdays, Cupcakes, Vegan


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Now, I haven’t made lemon cupcakes in quite a while, since maybe August or March of last year. I mean, it really goes in waves, like all the sudden there will be tons of people that want chocolate mint and then it’s strawberry.

These lemon vanilla cupcakes were inspired because lemons are in season here in the SF Bay Area, and lemon trees are bursting with fruit. One of my coworkers brought in lemons from their tree, so here we go! Lemon cupcakes! It is often surprising how few lemons it takes to flavor something – for two dozen cupcakes I used 1/2 cup lemon juice for the cake batter (which was maybe 3 lemons), plus some lemon zest and one lemon sliced for topping. When you have an entire tree of lemons, using 4 lemons to make some cupcakes is like nothing. Same thing for lemon bars. This time, the cake came out *ultra* light and fluffy.

These were to celebrate Scott Parkin’s birthday, held annually at  The Mint (a karaoke bar in San Francisco – and yes, you can watch the action live via their web-cam).  Scott, who works for Rainforest Action Network and has been working for years to stop mountain top removal mining and to fight big coal companies, was recently featured in this article by Rob Eshelman in The Nation magazine. Scott is one of the people I first met when I moved to San Francisco in 2006, and I always enjoy his parties – even if I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. Highlight of the night? Josh and Aubra singing a (modified for the occasion) version of Lady GaGa’s “Pokerface.”

Although these were not quite as pretty as the ones I made for Scott last year, they were quick and easy to make – sometimes I like the messy (“rustic”) look and I like toppings with less frosting – a lot of frosting, while sometimes enjoyable, can sometimes be too much.

More photos on Flickr.


2 comments on “Lemon Vanilla Karaoke”

  1. Awhhh these sound and look so yummy!!

  2. Can u share the recipe?

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