Ginger to Warm Houses

By: Jen Angel

Apr 19 2010

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Category: Cupcakes, Vegan

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Lisa Jervis, author of Cook Food, requested ginger cupcakes for her housewarming party.

I didn’t want to go with a traditional gingerbread flavor, which is like ginger mixed with molasses and the dough is very dark (though I do love gingerbread cookies), instead I wanted a more pure ginger flavor. Pictured above with two kinds of candied ginger, these are a vegan vanilla cupcake with added ground ginger and fresh ginger-infused soy milk. The result was more spice cake than gingerbread, with a subtle ginger flavor. Topped with vanilla frosting and thai candied ginger, just the right mix. And of course, mini cupcakes are perfect for parties.

For housewarmings there are tons of traditions all over the world, and I love that it makes me think of “warming” a person’s house, that a house isn’t a house yet if there isn’t community in it. I know it’s a bit corny, but I really love the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” (which I think is all about community). In it, the main character, George Bailey, is a community banker that gives loans to people to buy their homes. There’s a memorable scene where his wife Mary, on the steps of the Martini’s new home, offers the family bread, salt, and wine, saying, “Bread… that this house may never know hunger. Salt… that life may always have flavor. And wine… that joy and prosperity may reign forever. Enter the Martini Castle.”

More photos and things on Flickr.


One comment on “Ginger to Warm Houses”

  1. And they were DELICIOUS! My house feels very, very warm.

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