One day, Three baking projects

By: Jen Angel

Apr 12 2010

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Category: Gluten Free, Other Desserts

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Yesterday was like the perfect Sunday. I mean, another person might be daunted, but hanging out with food + friends + baking are three of my favorite things. I know, predictable, right?

So here’s the run down. The photo above is of macaroons for our house family and friends dinner which we host every Sunday night.  Usually around a dozen or so people come and we make the food and ask them to bring the drinks – it’s a nice way to end the weekend/begin the week, and sharing a meal with friends is one of my favorite things. Last night was curry made by my housemate Max, and we picked macaroons because my friend Zaid was coming to dinner and they’re his favorite. Plus theme ingredients (coconut in the curry and the cookies) are always fun. I know, I’m a nerd about these things. And I’ll continue the nerdiness by telling you how excited I was to use the Pyrex double boiler I just bought for this very purpose! It’s a beautiful all-glass double boiler made for melting chocolate, probably from the ’40s or ’50s.

I love the way macaroons taste, and this was my first attempt. I was happy to discover yet another gluten-free dessert, since I have several friends who don’t eat wheat for a variety of reasons. The ingredient list is pretty short: two kinds of shredded coconut, cream of coconut, corn syrup, egg whites, salt, vanilla. And of course, chocolate for dipping. Unfortunately for some, not gluten free AND vegan. I wonder if there are vegan macaroons out there? I’m sure there must be.

The rest of the days baking included lemon & vanilla cupcakes for a housewarming party, and a cake for a company’s San Francisco launch that I just delivered this morning. And all my past projects are available in the archives or on Flickr.


One comment on “One day, Three baking projects”

  1. Vegan macaroons–guar gum! Which is not quite as processed an ingredient as it sounds.

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