Mojitos (For Matt)

By: Jen Angel

Apr 03 2010

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Category: Birthdays, Cupcakes, Vegan

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Shutter:1/0 sec

These cupcakes look so innocent, but they’re really deceptive!

The assignment was vegan mini cupcakes, with mint, for Matt’s birthday. I’m tired of doing chocolate mint, which seemed like one of the most popular flavors of 2009. Honestly, I’m surprised that more people don’t ask for things like peanut butter & chocolate, coconut, or carrot – I feel like I haven’t done those in ages.

I wanted something new, so I decided to go with a flavor that incorporated mint, and since these were for a party, I thought of Mojitos – the cocktail that incorporates rum, mint, and lime. I know some people might think this blasphemy, but I don’t really like lime, so I called my friend Robin and asked him to tell me about the best mojitos. What flavors dominate? He said that when he thinks of a mojito he thinks of sugar and lime first – which means a lime cupcake is the perfect base! – and then a hint of mint which shouldn’t overpower the lime. I had made rum cupcakes before so I thought I would start there, which basically means replacing some of the liquid in the recipe with actual rum. Add in lime zest and lime juice, mint extract and actual mint leaves, and there you go. My roommate Josh was the guinea pig for getting the flavors in the frosting right (his opinion was more lime! more mint!).

Since I’m not a mojito drinker, I didn’t really taste the finish product before taking them to the party, but they were a hit! Lots of compliments from party-goers who thought the combination really worked. There were lots of other cupcakes brought by other people that were also super tasty: chocolate, ginger spice, and coconut lemon.

As always, alternate photos and more cupcakes on my Flickr page or the archive!


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