Cupcake Flowers for Dianna

By: Jen Angel

Feb 04 2010

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Category: Birthdays, Cupcakes


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So, this time the assignment, from Hillary and Lily for Dianna, was “a variety of chocolate flavors with bright colors.” I feel like I’ve been doing such run-of-the-mill designs recently that I wanted to be a bit more creative, so I decided on flowers, which obviously fits right in to the “bright colors” theme.

The flavors ended up being plain chocolate, chocolate raspberry, chocolate mint, and chocolate rose. I have to say, I really hesitated on that last one, because every time I’ve made rose before it’s been with a vanilla base, but never fear! Apparently Dianna loved them. Here’s a quote from Hillary’s Yelp review: “Quote from recipient: ‘Whoever invented rose cupcakes is my new favorite person.'”

Of course, the flavors are coded by flower & color. Can you guess which ones are raspberry? The only hint I’ll give is that the sunflowers are plain chocolate. What flavor would be yellow? Chocolate Lemon? I guess it could happen.

Don’t forget – lots more cupcakes photos on my Flickr page.


2 comments on “Cupcake Flowers for Dianna”

  1. Thank you for the best cupcakes I’ve had in a very long time!

  2. […] requested a chocolate & rose flavored cake. I know, it sounds weird, but ever since I did it last time, it is now on people’s radar, and it’s really […]

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