Epic Parties & Chocolate Cupcakes

By: Jen Angel

Feb 01 2010

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Category: Birthdays, Cupcakes

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So, Saturday night was an epic party at our house, celebrating three birthdays in one. The party theme was purple (and hookahs – my housemate has 10, I think). And yes, there were purple cupcakes – you can see a photo of the rose-flavored vegan minicupcakes here – but I don’t think it’s a party without chocolate. I also made chocolate mini cupcakes, pictured here, with  just a hint of purple.

We celebrated my birthday along with my housemate Josh – a tireless organizer with Rainforest Action Network – and our friend Andrej – author and academic. It was kind of like three parties in one, which meant there were almost too many people there. But we all enjoyed ourselves, and considering the number of people, very little was broken! The party should have been called something like “Aquarians Unite!” I’ve since discovered loads of my friends whose birthdays are in January and February.

More cupcakes coming on Friday!


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