New Year, New Purple Cupcakes

By: Jen Angel

Jan 27 2010

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Category: Birthdays, Cupcakes

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I know it’s difficult to believe that these are my first cupcakes of 2010, but so it goes. I just got back from a few weeks in Mexico, where there was no baking at all – on my part, at least.

These birthday cupcakes start off a week of purple-ness. My house is throwing a huge three-way birthday party on Saturday, and the theme is purple – so no doubt there is another set of purple cupcakes in my future. Of course, I will try to make them totally different.

For Chris, from Amanda, and the easiest assignment ever: one dozen, any flavor, any style, deliver before the end of the day. So, we end up with chocolate cupcakes with purple buttercream frosting, four ways. I hope they enjoy them, and that Chris has a very happy birthday. Anyone who gets a dozen custom cupcakes delivered to their work must feel pretty special. Or maybe only those who have a sweet tooth like me. Here are some other photos, I love how they look all in the box together. Oh, and here’s Amanda’s review on Yelp.

Resolutions for the new year? Bake more. Cook more. Experiment more. For your benefit, there should be new and creative things showing up in the photos here, and for my friends, new dinner experiments. Tonight, a new recipe for beef stew, and no – no photos of that one! It’s not quite the same as taking photos of pretty desserts.

Happy new year everyone!


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