For Christmas

By: Jen Angel

Dec 25 2009

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Category: Other Desserts, Recipes

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For Christmas, something new. You all know that I *love* making individual desserts (um, cupcakes anyone?), I just think they are so much more special and fancy.

Since I love individual desserts and wanted to take the opportunity to do something nice for a Christmas Eve dinner party, and of course since I love chocolate, I thought I would try a soufflé.  I found a recipe for *make ahead* chocolate soufflé. Really, I had no idea it could be done! Essentially, it’s the same recipe with a little water added (and slightly different way of putting the ingredients together). Once you have the batter in the ramekins, you freeze them for at least three hours, before baking them for 16-18 minutes.

Are they difficult to make? Not really. I think a good recipe is the answer to everything. And they are best eaten right out of the oven when they are super light and fluffy – any soufflé, well made or not, will “fall” as it cools.

This week, I have made scones, gingerbread cookies, peppermint cupcakes, pinwheel cookies, and now soufflé, and it’s been really enjoyable. If only there had been a pie in there somewhere.

A lot of the recipes I use are based on common cookbooks. I highly recommend several baking books: King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion (and their Cookie Companion), Baking Illustrated (from Cooks Illustrated), and the Joy of Vegan Baking. Oh and one more – I like the Baking Illustrated scone recipe, but my all-time favorite (the one I make weekly at times) comes from the Cheese Board: Collective Works, a collection from a local coop bakery and cheese store.  If we get into bread, there are even more recommendations. If you get a moment, drop me a line or post a comment and let me know what your favorites are.

Happy New Year!


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