Sending some love to Just Cause Oakland

By: Jen Angel

Sep 17 2009

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Category: Cakes

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Just Cause Oakland, an amazing non profit, is celebrating their 10th anniversary tonight with a big gala dinner. They are community organization involved in a bunch of different efforts, like preserving rent control and tenant’s rights.

This is a basic chocolate cake with buttercream icing. The picket signs and flags are made out of royal icing, which hardens into candy after it dries, making it perfect for doing fancy decorations.

Making and donating a cake is one small way to contribute to their efforts, and I hope you will consider supporting them too. Here’s to ten more years!


One comment on “Sending some love to Just Cause Oakland”

  1. […] if you’re paying attention, you might have started noticing some trends – I donated a cake to the same benefit last year. And don’t these mini cupcakes look suspiciously like these ones here? I know, it’s not […]

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