Rustic Ontario Blueberry Pie

By: Jen Angel

Aug 25 2009

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Category: Other Desserts

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I’m on “family” vacation in Toronto, Ontario. I came up with my housemate Max and friend Manjula to visit our old housemates from the Green House/Blue House, Jess and David. Yes, they abandoned us for Canada, but that means fun summer vacations that involve a lot of cooking and eating.

There are no photos of the cheesecake from Saturday, but here are the pies that David and I made this afternoon – one peach and one blueberry, from local Ontario fruit. David, who grew up in Toronto, says that local peaches and blueberries are the taste of summer for him.

And, it’s called rustic because it’s made in a cast iron skillet – which was David’s genius idea. I never would have thought of it, but it made a perfect deep pie dish.

There are more photos of pies on my Flickr page, and there will be vacation photos there soon.


One comment on “Rustic Ontario Blueberry Pie”

  1. […] seems that whenever I am in Toronto with Jess & David, we make pies. Here’s a photo of the pies we made last time, and of course, more photos of pies (and other things!) on my Flickr page. […]

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