How to make cupcakes in 30 minutes or less

By: Jen Angel

Aug 20 2009

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Category: Cupcakes

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Most cupcakes bake for 12-15 minutes, so when you’re in a hurry, they’re a great option. Brownies, on the other hand, can take 40 or more minutes to bake (one of my favorite recipes from King Arthur Flour is here), and if you want to go with lemon bars or something, there’s the whole making the crust THEN making the filling thing. Way too involved when you’re already late getting somewhere.

So last night I wanted to bring a dessert over for a dinner at my friend Ananda’s house – he had promised Indian food and a Bollywood movie. The food was amazing, a potato/carrot curry over rice. We watched Rang de Basanti (Paint it Yellow), which was also amazing, despite being 3 hours long. It was beautiful and political and sad and inspiring. I need to watch more Indian films. Anyway, the cupcakes: one dozen chocolate cupcakes – mixed in 10 minutes and baked for 12 – topped with ingredients from the fridge: leftover cream cheese frosting and blackberry jam. The hardest part was waiting for them to cool enough to frost them.


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