A Cherry vs. Blackberry Showdown

By: Jen Angel

Aug 08 2009

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I love making individual desserts. This is probably why I love cupcakes so much. My mom always said that she found making pies very satisfying because they look perfect as soon as you take them out of the oven, unlike a cake which you then have to frost and decorate before it looks fancy.

So, these individual pies – two flavors, sour cherry and blackberry – were inspired by two things – one, I was browsing Williams Sonoma one day and saw that they actually make a mold/kit to make mini pies, and of course I saw that and thought to myself that I don’t need a kit to make a mini pie. And second, our local grocery store, Berkeley Bowl, actually had fresh sour cherries from Idaho, and I have never seen fresh sour cherries in the store before. Really. How could I pass that up?

I made these for my cooking group, and no one minded that I didn’t follow the evening’s theme (Persian, which was amazing, by the way – lamb with pomegranate glaze, three kinds of salads, roasted vegetables). In the epic cherry versus blackberry battle that ensued, the cherry definitely won. Sasha said, “it was the greatest cherry pie ever.” Served with fresh whipped cream, of course.

See my flickr page for a close-up, and a cute photo of Bria.


3 comments on “A Cherry vs. Blackberry Showdown”

  1. […] a Comment » Continuing for the blackberry theme of last week, these cupcakes are a dozen of two flavors: lemon and lemon with blackberry filling, both vegan. […]

  2. Hello Jen,

    I just made a peach, raspberry and rhubarb pie – it was incredible. I picked the peaches from a tree behind my office at work (many from the ground that just needed the bad parts trimmed), the raspberries from the bounty that is the Maryland house garden, and the rhubarb from the store. Getting most of the fruit for free and directly from the trees and bushes was so rewarding – a sweeter pie, mos def.

    I need to call you for some mini-pie tutelage. I have wild blackberries and green apples (also from the work back yard!) that need to be baked soon – and maybe it will be mini-pie time?

    Thank you for the inspiration!


    • Fruit from the garden or yard is the best! I’m sorry I wasn’t there for the pie, sounds awesome. More baking next time I’m in Portland or when you are here!

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