Black & Red Cakes

By: Jen Angel

Jul 28 2009

Category: Cakes, Vegan, Weddings


Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/233 sec

This was one of the most fun cake assignments I’ve ever had – to make his & hers black & red cakes. The wedding theme was black & red – anarchist & communist – unity! The anarchist cake was vegan chocolate, the communist was almond – and both had vegan buttercream and sugar glaze. They were a hit. The groom said, “Totally brilliant cakes. Really made the reception! Truly.”

These cakes are 14 inches – probably the biggest size I use – and let me tell you, there is a lot of food coloring in there to make the red red and the black black. Which is all nice except it totally turns your mouth colors, and now I have TONS of black icing left over. I need to make some spider-themed cupcakes or something!


2 comments on “Black & Red Cakes”

  1. Outstanding!!!

  2. Love your cakes and cupcakes! Great colors, ideas and ingredients! Lovely!

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