Raspberry Vanilla Cake

By: Jen Angel

May 31 2009

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Category: Cakes, Vegan, Weddings

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Shutter:1/0 sec

This is a cake version of the popular Vegan Vanilla Raspberry Cupcakes, a vanilla cake with raspberry icing and fresh raspberries. I made it for a bridal shower. It’s a perfect way to use fresh, seasonal ingredients.

You can do it yourself by adding a bit of flavored extract, syrup, or crushed fresh fruit to your favorite vanilla (or chocolate!) icing and cake recipes. Here, I added a few tablespoons of a raspberry syrup my standard icing, and in the past for other cakes I have used things like fresh lemon juice, crushed blueberries, and herbs or spices simmered in coconut, milk, or soy milk to flavor recipes. I prefer to pair a flavored icing with a more basic cake (or vice versa), because I prefer a more subtle flavor – though you could flavor both for a stronger taste.

Vegan Vanilla Raspberry Cake


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