When you can’t make up your mind, order everything!

By: Jen Angel

Mar 01 2009

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Category: Cupcakes, Vegan

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Yesterday I had fun making a big batch with a bunch of different flavors for someone’s birthday. The mom who ordered them couldn’t really make up her mind what she wanted, so we ended up going with quite a few different flavors – something for everyone, I guess!

We went with the flowers (because they are so pretty), vegan raspberry and lemon (you know, for those crazy people who don’t like chocolate), Brian’s Vegan Thai-Flavored  cupcakes because there was a family connection to Thailand, and carrot cake just for good measure.

I’ll find out today how they went over. It was fun, but I also love making new flavors, so I’ve been missing experimenting with new things. I’m going to a dinner party this week – maybe I’ll have to come up with a new flavor for it to share with you all.



Ready for the box


One comment on “When you can’t make up your mind, order everything!”

  1. i like these things. they taste gooder than other things (almost all other things!). mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. an order of every cupcakes. and a particularly fabulous carrot cupcake, moist as moist can be.

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