Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake & Cupcakes

By: Jen Angel

Sep 21 2008

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Category: Birthday Cakes, Cakes, Cupcakes, Vegan


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Today’s adventure was a completely vegan chocolate birthday cake with accompanying cupcakes (regular and mini). The frosting is my mom’s buttercream without dairy, and the cake includes a surprise raspberry filling. You know, there’s just something about mini-cupcakes that is so pleasing… and note the vintage Tupperware cake-taker base in the photo.


3 comments on “Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake & Cupcakes”

  1. Speaking as the birthday girl in question, this was the best birthday cake I’ve ever had. The cake had festive colors but attractively simple flavors — mmm chocolate! raspberry surprise layer inside! — and everyone could not stop saying how good it was. The vegan frosting tastes just as good as non-vegan frosting, so I didn’t even notice the lack of real butter. And I loves me some real butter. Thanks, Jen!

  2. At the birthday party, we went back for seconds and then thirds of the cake. It was amazing!

  3. […] Leave a Comment » So it seems like the birthday cake of the moment is the Tartine devil’s food cake and buttercream frosting. I also did a very similar design for Larry a few months ago with the same flavor combination, a kind of retro hip style. But, at least it looks totally different than her cake from last year. […]

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